About Us

Mission Statement

The ICCIT Council

As the governing society for the Institute of Communication, Culture, and Information Technology, it is our responsibility to represent the interests of our students. Whether it’s improving courses or programs overall, we are here to listen to student concerns and advocate on their behalf. Each of us on the executive team started off with a small network, a limited portfolio and the little idea of what direction we wanted to pursue. But we’ve been through the ropes and we’ve grown together. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help others on their journey. It is what the ICCIT Council truly stands for.

We host over 40 events a year on our own and in collaboration with other organizations, both on and off campus. Some examples include networking events, academic and creative workshops, conferences, case competitions, speaker events, and social de-stressors.

Council Executives

Our Executives lead the ICCIT Council’s staff during events and other activities. They coordinate with the student body, professional staff, and external organizations. President(s) and Vice Presidents are voted into office by the ICCIT student body, and Directors are appointed by the President(s).

Hyejun Jeong



Justine Wang



Alina Rizwan

Vice President, Academics


Shashoti Haque

Vice President, Events


Max Nyanin

Vice President, External – On Campus


Whitney Buluma

Vice President, External – Off Campus


Chantel Ong

Vice President, Marketing


Faiza Haque

Director, Media Productions


Schuyler Keno

Vice President, Internal


Disha Prabhu

Director, Social Media & CSR


Rio McKen

Director, Web Development


Clarisse Wong

Director, Associate Coordinator


Yasmine Said

Director, First Year Representative

Council Associates

Our Associates help run the the day-to-day operations of the ICCIT Council. They assist in event planning, social media and website management, and much more. Associates work on a particular team with other Associates, learning from an Executive.


Saasha Dhall

Noura Mahmoud


Romana Krekhovetska

Ryan Wu

Dina El-Baz

External – On Campus

Farah Abushaban

Associate Coordination

Suhanee Sood

External – Off Campus

Annie Cho


Laaibah Hanan

Web Development

Shantanu Aeron

Social Media & CSR

Habiba Abdelwahab


Joan Lim

Feiliya Young

Media Productions

Keira Johannson